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We make portable decks of information for studying and collecting to help students and board exam takers walk their way to a more effective, efficient and fun learning.

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Notable Architects & Buildings Bundle – 10 Premium Decks

Notable Architects & Buildings Series
Premium Decks

Made for studying & collecting! This is suitable for architecture students and licensed professionals alike.

✅ A01 – National Artists & their works
✅ A02 – Philippine Churches
✅ A03 – Pritzker Prize Winners
✅ A04 – Philippine Architecture Part 1
✅ A05 – Philippine Architecture Part 2
✅ A06 – Iconic Skyscrapers
✅ A07 – Dictums & Philosophies
✅ A08 – Buildings around the World Part 1
✅ A09 – Buildings around the World Part 2
✅ A10 – Buildings around the World Part 3
FREE Smart Cards canvas pouch (1 pc)
FREE card cases (10 pcs)
FREE sticker of the day (10pc)

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What We Offer

Smart Cards Premium Decks

Made of water-resistant cards, this collectible premium line is the first product offered by Smart Cards Architecture. The card design is inspired by card games and trading cards, featuring a building or an architect and important details at the back. Even professionals grab these premium decks to add to their collection!

Smart Cards Flip Decks

Flip decks are designed for an easy flip-through experience. These are made of vellum cards which you can write on for additional notes. Since it is more affordable, this line is also designed to accommodate students on a budget. Contents of the flip versions of the premium line are more or less the same.

Smart Cards Merch

Since we want to spice up your ALE journey, we also came up with fun merch for you to enjoy. Designed for architects, these mugs, coasters, stickers and shirts are also perfect to give as gift to an architecture student or an architect you know! Mugs and coasters can even be customized for a more personal touch.

Product Features

Why Choose Smart Cards

Quality materials

Our decks are made of high-quality cards you are sure to love! Production of mugs, stickers and shirts are all in-house for better quality control.

Original designs

All designs from the cards to the merch are conceptualized and designed by the team, with months of research and ideation.

Perfect gift for architects

Know someone who’s about to take the Architecture Licensure Exam (ALE)? Cheer your friend up by sending him/her some merch!


Trusted by Hundreds of Aspiring Architects


850+ Shopee Ratings

“There are many flashcard products out there but no other shops gives the same quality as Arch. JGA.”

K. Gutierrez

“Rating this shop 5 stars!!! The products were beyond my expectations. Ang ganda ng cards! From the nice and secured packaging to the actual product! Also, the seller is very accommodating and is so kind to actually give a motivational note alongside the order. Thank you so much Architect JGA! ♥️”

D. Hedon

“The quality of the flashcards were unlike any other cards that I’ve recently purchased. The bundle had some tiny motivation cards and a letter from the Architect (which was very rare and thoughtful of them). Thank you so much ♥️ Kudos Architect J.G.A.”

V. Origenes

“Helped me a lot. Not gonna lie. Instead of making one my own, mas informative and well designed to. 10/10 gonna order again.”


Some organizations we’ve supported


United Architects of the Philippines Graduate Auxiliary (UAPGA)

UAPGA is the duly recognized graduate arm of the United Architects of the Philippines (UAP). The organization caters to a community of architecture graduates from all over the country. It aims to create a network of graduate architects, professional architects, and industry partners that will help develop programs to enhance our industry-related skills and strengthen our individual advocacy, as future architects, towards nation building.

United Architects of the Philippines Student Auxiliary (UAPSA)

UAPSA is the duly recognized student organization of the United Architects of the Philippines (UAP). This national organization for architecture students with over 20,054 members and 97 active chapters aim to project values and the importance of the role of architecture students in nation-building and public service by creating culturally and academically enriching opportunities that foster holistic development, competency, and character formation in the field of architectural study.

Districts, Areas & Chapters
  • UAPGA National
  • UAPGA Manila
  • UAPGA Maynilad
  • UAPGA Cavite
  • UAPGA Nueva Ecija
  • UAPGA Pangasinan
  • UAPGA Amianan Capampangan
  • UAPGA Alcaldia
  • UAPGA Intramuros
  • UAPGA Makati CBD
  • UAPSA National
  • UAPSA Joint Districts A1A, A1C, A345 and C1
  • UAPSA Area B
  • UAPSA TIP Manila
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Smart Cards Architecture (SCA) is a brand created to help students and board exam takers walk their way to a more effective, efficient and fun learning. We make portable decks of information for studying and collecting, perfect for students and professionals alike.

Inspired by collectible playing cards, each deck is designed to make learning architecture fun and exciting!

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